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Stirling Manor

Subversion of the existing through conversion was the motivation for these pieces. The original thickly lacquered surfaces of the past made way for these contemporary reanimations of mid-century systems. Designed to fit and complement the existing interior style, without too much change, StudioMIC undertook to design objects easy on the eyes, natural and clean.

The collection of works form part of the ‘Scandi’ product line of contemporary custom cabinetry. With a hint at mid-century design, these pieces utilise modern techniques for manufacturing as well as make use of current-day components like soft close drawer runners and push to open hinges and fixtures- making for a seamless and sleek aesthetic.

The Scandi range of bespoke custom cabinetry and furniture is fabricated from quality selected materials by experienced and dedicated craftsmen. Designed in the unique and typical style of StudioMIC - a take on Mid-Century, Scandi-Japanese Minimalism - with emphasis on materiality, function and form, bold furniture is produced.

The Scandi concept is about creating bespoke items, unique to the individual, environment, and situation. Designing products which are specific and dedicated to a space; like clients, each piece is individual and unique. Therefore, StudioMIC analysis each need of the client and their space, treating each piece of work as an entity but also as a whole to form a selection of work designed and made fit for that environment.

With a wide range of high-end materials and manufacturing techniques to choose from, designs could range from the conventional to the flamboyant. Each illustrating our unique design style- with emphasis on function and pragmatism for the user.

Our favourites have been modified to form the basis of our ‘Scandi Nova’ range - an affordable, batch produced range suited for most spaces, including residential, restaurants, commercial, hospitality and more.