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Available alongside the Novela 350 Modular Shelving System is the Novela 450 Modular System, a taller version of the standard shelving system. Designed to accommodate larger volumes of books as well as any higher objects that may not fit in the standard systems.

Based on the same high quality method of manufacture and the same ease of use in assembly, the custom 450 adds modularity and customising options to users. Furthermore, users can now increase their Novela’s uniqueness by diversifying the aesthetic and the functionality of their existing Novela shelfs.

Pragmatism is a major part of the Novela concept, thus adding the custom 450 System increases the practicality, style and feel of the Novela Modular Shelving System.

Novela - 450 Modular System

  • Due to the custom nature of the items, StudioMIC manufactures and delivers upon quotation and/or deposit of 60% of product value upfront.

    Shipping and Delivery is an added cost to the purchaser.

    Please contact us for more information.

  • The Novela Modular Shelving System is completely customisable. Please refer to our prouct documents and download the catalogue for more information about sizes, styles and options.