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While the Novela standard system is available as a modular set, the modularity of the Novela shelving system allows for custom shelving options. Typically, the Novela is open shelving allowing for storage of books, ornaments and other objets.

However, the Novela systems also come in custom items such as the Cabinet System. Maintaining the same ease of use and assembly, as well as quality and aesthetic, the cabinet system allows for sections of the shelf to be closed-up. These systems attach directly onto your standard system, transforming them into custom cabinets.

Alternatively, the user can make up an entirely new shelf of the custom products and the, individually available, standard shelf supports. This provides space for objets of more desirability, intrinsic value or something to just put away. It also makes an outstanding drinks cabinet.

Novela - 450 Custom Cabinet System

  • Due to the custom nature of the items, StudioMIC manufactures and delivers upon quotation and/or deposit of 60% of product value upfront.

    Shipping and Delivery is an added cost to the purchaser.

    Please contact us for more information.

  • The Novela Modular Shelving System is completely customisable. Please refer to our prouct documents and download the catalogue for more information about sizes, styles and options.