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The basic format for the Novela comes as a standard modular shelving system. The system is sold disassembled, with easy to use instructions for assembly, which allows for effortless transportation and handling of the product.
The basic system comprises of three wooden shelves, along with eighteen steel shelf supports, feet and the components and tool to secure it all together. Wall mounting brackets can be ordered, should the user want to bolt the shelves to a wall, for added support. The disassembled product provides users the ability to assemble their own Novela in their own style, within the constraints of the instructions. Each shelf support is located and secured into the wood shelf by a series of holes and screws, respectively. The modular system promotes creativity and logic when assembling the shelves, whereby the user puts “themselves” into their Novela, making it unique. We want people to feel proud about their Novela, we want users to feel that their Novela is unique and we hope users put their love into the assembly of their Novela.

Novela - 350 Modular System

  • Due to the custom nature of the items, StudioMIC manufactures and delivers upon quotation and/or deposit of 60% of product value upfront.

    Shipping and Delivery is an added cost to the purchaser.

    Please contact us for more information.

  • The Novela Modular Shelving System is completely customisable. Please refer to our prouct documents and download the catalogue for more information about sizes, styles and options.