Tjips & Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream

StudioMIC was contracted by architectural company Atmos Architecture and Design to conceptualise, design and manufacture the freestanding furniture for the Pauls Ice Cream and Tjips, located at the First National Bank of South Africa City Deep headquarters in Johannesburg. 

We took on this project with passion and enthusiasm knowing that the clients, both Atmos and Pauls and Tjips were passionate about design and thus preferred a uniquely designed product collection for their space.

Working closely with the clients in each of their capacities we undertook to identify their needs and desires for the finaloutcome.

We utilised their briefs as well as colour palettes to design a soft and ‘creamy’ feeling collection of furniture. The items design and produced included: Chairs and stools in both standard table height as well as bar heights, with the same designs respectively; free standing tables in both standard height as well as bar heights, to accommodate the seating; two large modular banquette table-bars to be arranged in various layouts to accommodate the space; and finallywe designed a specialised and unique benching solution, however more standard seating was preferred over this item, and thus never manufactured. 

Some of these items have inspired and contributed towards various collections of StudioMIC products.