Purely Frozen Retail Store

Purely Frozen is a revolutionary new retail concept that lets you enjoy the finest in gourmet grade dining, without the drama or dirty dishes. StudioMIC and Afrienza took the frozen meal concept to new heights. With concepts from our clients like, "a jewelry store for food" and "clean elegant lines" we created a space which is the the epitome of a high-end sophisticated kitchen concept. 

We wanted to create an elegant kitchen aesthetic combined with neutral white tones, soft flowing textures throughout, and splashes of extravagant polished bronzed. We utilised Wolkberg Castings Bau tile for the floors, with a troweled textured on the walls. The unique suspended void ceiling provides the warmth and comfort expected in a home, yet at the same time, exudes professionalism inherent in the retail line. Black designer elements provide wayfinding and lighting solutions throughout and a solid marble block resides in the entrance to welcome patrons with warm, flowing natural colour and texture.